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My twin sister, ranNar, and I created a cosplay group called Split.Image.Cosplay which debuted in the cosplay community in 2005.

We work together as a team creating costumes, entering contests, and working on making fun cosplay events and panels. We want to show that cosplay shouldn't be about prizes or recognition, but about having fun with the wonderful works created by the person.

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Genki-u_Hinagiku says, "Inukashi, bringing your No.6 to 3! Haha! There aren't too many characters to cosplay, but I LOVE that about the series. More about development and focusing on understand and learning to love, even a snarky dog-keeper."
For Inukashi from No. 6
Genki-u_Hinagiku says, "More twins! They suit us just as much as the Hitachiin twins. I think we connect with these twins on the same level as the Hitachiin, just in a different way. I hope we'll be able to make as many memories with this series too. Especially since we have others who cosplay the series too!"
For Yukio Okumura from Blue Exorcist
Genki-u_Hinagiku says, "<3 I still have a goal to get you on stage in this one!"
For Nezumi from No. 6
Genki-u_Hinagiku says, "We can't really "grow" with these costumes, but the AMOUNT of time we've dedicated with these two, I feel so loved and fondly. I'm drawn to these two's story!"
For Nezumi from No. 6
Genki-u_Hinagiku says, "I love a man in uniform! I think our group looked SO suave in these! Wish we could still get group pictures, but in reality, like in Ouran, our time as a family has faded. Still I think we chose well!"
For Hikaru Hitachiin from Ouran High School Host Club