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Wawa is here!
I'm a mexican girl who got into cosplay in 2000 looking forward to meet people with similar interests.
...I think i succeded at that because i'm friends with girls and boys all over the world (THANKYOUINTERNETLOL)

I like the color pink, snails, indie movies, coffee, chocolate and coke.
I do have a boyfriend, we've been together for over 6 years, he is really useful when it comes to getting those creepysalkerfanboys away from me.

thanx for visiting my little tiny space here at acparadise, don't forget to visit my website.

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cherryteagirl says, "yay for Nana O. cosplay!! Hachi <3"
For Nana Komatsu from NANA
cherryteagirl says, "cute Charmy!"
For Charmy from Dance Dance Revolution
Sakura Seta says, "Toda linda X3"
For Nana Komatsu from NANA
Narurashima says, "x k no peluca? Ahh, ya sé >-< se fue de parranda xD! De igual manera, te ves hot!"
For DJ Celica from Beatmania IIDX
Narurashima says, "k monita Misa *0* y si me robo tu peluca? Sales muy lindaaa~"
For Amane Misa from Death Note