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Name is Christina. I'm 19 and live right on Long Island in the state of New York. As for my "real" life I attend New York Institute of Technology where I am majoring in Physical Therapy. I work part time as a Physical Therapist's aide. I got into the occupation after being run over by a car 6 1/2 years ago, then needing therapy after surgery I had 2 years ago due to the incident. I started working at the clinic after my treatment was complete, the rest was history. I love sleeping lol I am also an eBay whore, buying & selling for 6 years...yea, started young >_< I spend my weekdays working, at school, or sleeping. I'm really not interesting. Oh yea, I have been cosplaying since mid 2002.

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Ao says, "Iv always loved this costume. You did an amazeing job!"
For Sivil from Macross 7
DurnickX51 says, "This is awesome. finally someone made a costume of one of my fav's. AGreat job on the details here!"
For Tsuchi Kin from Naruto