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I’ve been cosplaying since 2002 and attending conventions since 2004. My first costume was Super Sailor Moon, which was made for me by a friend for my birthday and my first convention was Vision Con in Springfield, MO. I’ve come a long way since then, met some amazing people (including my best friend & boyfriend) and progressed in my ability.

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superkim111 says, "Nice costume. You even have the glove!"
For Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach
Arlette says, "Oops, my husband was logged in, but that was me!"
For Natsumi from You're Under Arrest
orochiserge says, "HOLY CRAP, YOU ARE MY HERO! Rock it old school!"
For Natsumi from You're Under Arrest
Kougaru says, "I really like it!!!"
For Alice from Resident Evil: Apocalypse
XFillTheVoidX says, "Aw! So kawaii! You look so kid-like and adorable. Plus the wig is just rocking! ^_^ Great job."
For Sailor Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon Super S