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Hello...um, well my name is Edith, but some of my friends like to call me "The Paper" because I cosplayed Yumiko Readman for Anime Expo 2002 and found the similarities between the character and myself very amusing. I first began to cosplay at Anime Expo 2001 as Sailor Moon and felt it was incredibly fun! I've been doing it ever since and would like to meet the same kind of nice and cool people I've met at conventions. Let's see, I’m a substitute teacher with Long Beach Unified in California, a member of Cal. State. Long Beach Anime Club and enjoy reading, watching anime, and reading manga. There is a lot more things about me, but I’m tired of typing. Bye!

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tandy21 says, "sugoy!"
For Kumiko from Gokusen
Narurashima says, "Wow! You're looking just like she! So perfect!"
For Kumiko from Gokusen
Duelistbluerose says, "LOL, this is funny. you look a lot like the character!"
For Yomiko Readman from Read or Die
StarBlaze73 says, "Hi! I'm going to Okaton 2006 in Maryland (my first ever! So I'm totally new at this whole cosplaying thing), and I'm looking at Tenten pics on this site so I can get a good idea of how to make my costume. I most of it done already, but I have to ask"
For Tenten from Naruto