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Rebirth/ri:'b3:0/n. 1.new incarnation 2.revival

Anew/e'nju:/ 1.again 2.in a different way.[earlier of newe]

Im ready to try this again ^_^ *waves hi*

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*Quinn* says, "It will be a ball!"
For Lana Kane from Archer
klytaemnestra says, "Love this! Katya will be finished for Katsu definitely."
For Lana Kane from Archer
ToasterSix says, "Good lord this group is amazing and I can't stop loving it!!!"
For Lana Kane from Archer
Ambrosia says, "It's okay, Val. None of us had any shame that day. (also I love your face)"
For Lana Kane from Archer
*Quinn* says, "I love you to baby gurl you know it! <3"
For Jedi Historian from Star Wars