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Wheeee I love cosplay. I especially like making plaushies. I have been into cosplay for about 4 years now, but have not been a 'heavy' cosplayer until last year when I pulled all my skills together to make Belldandy! After that I was so enthused. All that attention drove me crazy, and playing that character was too much fun. More! More! xD Then my attention and inspiration turned tward my origonal character, Dragon Sama. I can't put her on ACP though ;-; But I finished my Rabi en Rose cosplay, yay! It's a shame I missed the cosplaylab.com's ranienrose look alike contest, I really think I could have won that.... Oh well!!!!

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Me-Apple says, "oh wow very pretty ^^"
For Belldandy from Ah My Goddess
Miri says, "I remember seeing this somewhere, ACen, methinks? Anyway, very cute, nice work. :D"
For Mog from Final Fantasy VII