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Hmm where do I start….well I have always had a love for costuming since I was young, my favorite day of the year was always Halloween. It no surprise when I learned about cosplay I became obsessed with it ^_^; I love trying to duplicate elaborate costumes from anime, manga, and videogames. Every time I start on a new costume my motive is to outdo the last one. Im also a gamer, I’m a big fan of platform, survival horror, and fighting games. I’m not to crazy about RPGS, although I do like to watch other people play them “its like watching a movie ^_^” hmm what else… I LOVE creating original fantasy costumes also, I have a website where I sell and showcase my creation on www.firefly-path.net ^_^

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wigglywoo79 says, "omg pls tell me wher u got this costume frm, im frm lndn n reallt wnt to go as her"
For Chi / Chii / Elda from Chobits
Serephita says, "This makes me want to be a pretty pink fairy. Its so beautiful!"
For Pink Masquerade from Original: Fantasy
Chunlichan says, "What a cute idea! You should do a Majesty one too! (Majesty was my favorite pony, lol)"
For Stardust from My Little Pony
orochimarus_babe says, "Beautiful! You look just like her! ^^ Just curious! Did you make or buy the costume?? If you did make it Beautiful job! If you bought it were?? WERE did u get it??"
For Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers
dotluvr says, "Great Yui-chan cosplay!!"
For Yui Hongo from Fushigi Yuugi