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Hello everyone. My name is Adrienne, but you can call me Aa-chan. I've been cosplaying since 1998 and it's been a fun fantastic road since all this has started. I really hope you like my costumes as the more recent (2003 and up) ones I've been making without help. Lately I haven't made a lot of costumes, but I'm hoping to get back on the ball and start making lots of new things. Admittedly, my focus has been more on Lolita then cosplay, but I'll see what cosplay I can pull off in the near future.

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nightwish says, "You look so awesome and cool in that outfit WORK IT!!!"
For Chi / Chii / Elda from Chobits
Timcampy says, "I like it...A LOT!!!"
For Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood
XxPrettynekoxX says, "U have so many Sailormoon poster, u should do a sailormoon outfit!"
For The Boss from Metal Gear Solid
violet.anime says, "Cute ^_^"
For Chi / Chii / Elda from Chobits
Noel says, "I like all your Esther cosplays, but this one's still the best to me ^-^"
For Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood