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Cosplaying since Fanime 2001 - I pretty much suck at profiles.
I have a complete obsession with X/1999, The Sandman, and Doctor Who.

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prynnette says, "Gorgeous!"
For Lumi from Fables
pizzarolled says, "!!!!!"
For Desire from Sandman
Sylphy says, "This photo is fantastic. It looks like you're vanishing into the shadows, something very appropriate for the anime! :D"
For Prince Dios from Revolutionary Girl Utena
jpo6531128 says, ".....Aaaaand it keeps on doing it even though I changed the Avatar...sorry "
For Jo Grant from Doctor Who
jpo6531128 says, "BTW, I am a dude; I didn't realize the site would automatically give you an avatar of a chick.."
For Jo Grant from Doctor Who