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Hi all! I'm Samantha aka AuroraPeachy (previously Naosa & TakagiNaoSama). I've been cosplaying since 2003. My biggest fandoms are Sailormoon, Guild Wars, Super Mario RPG, Yu-Gi-Oh DM & Spartacus (TV). Protip: Mention any of these fandoms to me and I'll fangirl your ear off.

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Hatchet Cosplay says, "It has almost been a year since I ran into you at ohayocon, I remember from behind I was like "what an odd cosplay, seeing the martini glass and dodo bird i was confused. Then you turned and I saw the bird on your head and instantly knew and loved your cosplay! Wow this is less appreciation more creeper status now."
For Valentina from Super Mario RPG
Colombian_Otaku says, "Major Kudos for doing this! Love the costume!"
For Valentina from Super Mario RPG
Cobheran says, "I'm pretty confident you're the Orchid ,y girlfriend and I fawn over every year at Dragon*con XD"
For B. Orchid from Killer Instinct 2
Patastrophic says, "You wear this costume... make word speaky tough. Keep bite tongue, make ouchy OOOUUUCH! Yes I realize that made no sense whatsoever to most people, but you know that's my way of saying "HOT DIGGITY THAT IS GREAT STUFF!""
For Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2
smithers456 says, "This is still my favorite Cosplay costume of you. :D I Love the new photos."
For Chun Li from Street Fighter II