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I've been cosplaying since 2002.
I take my craftsmanship very seriously because I love putting my all into each of my creations, but I keep cosplaying because I have fun with my wonderful friends. I appreciate constructive criticism when it applies, but I know "haters are gonna hate" regardless, so don't bring it around me because it's not worth my time. ^_-
Please check out my Sandbox for some of my commission work ^_^

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Ambrosia says, "LOOK HOW CUTE YOU ARE"
For Ozma from Wizard of Oz, The
benihime says, "I hope you get more photos of this! it looks great :D "
For Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knight Rayearth
Azure Rose says, "Love how you did her sleeves. I never would have thought of using foam to make it stand out. Excellent Saturn!"
For Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon S
NyuNyu says, "Terrific Saturn! All the details were spot on. I never thought of stretch laces. =o Genius."
For Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon S
JadeKat says, "Rosie!! Too precious! The dress is lovely~"
For Rosie Cotton from Lord of the Rings