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Hello Everyone,
I am a current college student attending OCC at the moment but let me tell you a little about my cosplay background okay? here we go...
I went to Anime Expo 2000 and say lots of people cosplaying and thought it would be a fun idea to try it out....why not? so I did and I had a blast! I offically started my cosplay hobby at Anime Expo 2001 where I cosplayed as Garnet from FFIX. later at future AX's I cosplayed as ling xiaoyu and tir mcdohl...I have lots and lots of future costumes to come...I also like to dance and sing...my favorite song so far real emotion...and the indivdual songs of yuna,rikku and paine. my favorite radio station right now is KDL 103.1 party station...I can never find a bad song on that station...hence why it is my favorite...I also very much so like video games...my favorite being the FF series, then the suiko series, then the fighting games like tekken and capcom vs. snk 2...and so on and so forth...anyways...if there is anything additional you would like to know about my cosplaying history please feel free to e-mail me...

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