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Convention Database
Welcome to the ACP Convention Database - here you can find information on different conventions that ACP members have gone to. If a convention hasn't happened yet, you can find out who is going and plan photoshoots.
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Name Category
Abunai Anime/Manga
AmeCon Anime/Manga
AniMaCo Anime/Manga
AnimagiC Anime/Manga
Animatsuri Anime/Manga
Anime Marathon Anime/Manga
Animecon Anime/Manga
AniMUC Anime/Manga
Antwerp Convention Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Atsusacon Anime/Manga
Auchinawa Anime/Manga
AyaCon Anime/Manga
Bristol Comics Expo Anime/Manga
Cartoomics Anime/Manga
Chibi Con Anime/Manga
Chibi Japan Expo Anime/Manga
Comic Festival Anime/Manga
Comic Salon Erlangen Anime/Manga
Connichi Anime/Manga
Contopia Anime/Manga
Dokomi Anime/Manga
Eirtakon Anime/Manga
Elf Fantasy Fair Sci-Fi/Fantasy
EpitAnime Anime/Manga
Expomanga Anime/Manga
F.A.C.T.S. Anime/Manga
Festival del Fumetto Anime/Manga
Frankfurter Buchmesse Anime/Manga
Fumettopoli Anime/Manga
GAME in Paris Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Games Convention Anime/Manga
Gamescom Comic/Gaming
Hanami Anime/Manga
Hyper Japan Anime/Manga
Japan Expo Anime/Manga
JapanEX Anime/Manga
Japantag Anime/Manga
Jpop-con Anime/Manga
Jrock Con Anime/Manga
Kitacon Anime/Manga
Leipziger Buchmesse / Book Fair Anime/Manga
London Film and Comic Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
London MCM Expo Anime/Manga
Lucca Comics & Games Anime/Manga
Made in Asia Anime/Manga
mang'azur Anime/Manga
Memorabilia Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Meuwcon Anime/Manga
Midlands MCM Expo Anime/Manga
Minamicon Anime/Manga
MMC Anime/Manga
Mokon Anime/Manga
Närcon Comic/Gaming
Nemacon Anime/Manga
Nichicon Anime/Manga
Nicon Anime/Manga
Polymanga Anime/Manga
Rimini Comix Anime/Manga
Romics Anime/Manga
Salón del Manga Anime/Manga
Salón del Manga de Jerez Anime/Manga
Salon del Manga Tenerife Anime/Manga
Shumatsu Anime/Manga
Star Wars Celebration Europe Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Summer of Sonic Comic/Gaming
SVS Convention Anime/Manga
Thought Bubble Comic Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Tsunacon Anime/Manga
Uppcon Anime/Manga
YaY-con Anime/Manga
Yorokonde Anime/Manga
Yuki Con Anime/Manga
Featured Convention Coverage
Anime NYC 2020
(11/20/20 - 11/22/20)
[5 Attending] [0 Videos] [0 Photos]

Convention List
Schedule for November 2020 (USA)
Anime NYC 11/20 - 11/22
Entries in Yellow = ACP Coverage

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