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Conventions > Anime Central 2018
Convention Info
We have 34 Costumes, 5 Events, 0 Videos, and 0 Photos available for this convention.

Website: http://www.acen.org/

When is it: (05/18 - 05/20) Fix Date

Members Attending
ACP Cosplayers 21
ACE Cosplayers 2
ACS Photographers 3
Recently Added Events
SAO @ Anime Central 2018
Aniplex is looking for SAO cosplayers to help them at Anime Central 2018!
Persona 5 @ Anime Central 2018
Aniplex is looking for a couple Persona 5 cosplayers to help at their booth.
Monogatari Series @ Anime Central 2018
To celebrate VOFan being a guest at Anime Central, Aniplex is hoping to find 1 - 2 cosplayers from the Monogatari series to be at their booth!
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