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Looking to commission a costume or prop? Look no further!
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Buster Cleveland

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Be who you want.

The BEST prop at your con. Epic photo-shoot.

I'll help- http://www.cosplay.com/marketplace/show ... 402/cat/21 or jump straight to Buster Cleveland and make a request HERE- http://bustercleveland.blogspot.com/p/c ... stfaq.html

“You keep blowing all expectations out of the water with each project!”

“Fabulous work as always Wink”

“I just opened it.....and it's worth every penny and more. I can't believe how beautiful it is. It perfect, the right length, the handle is a great size... EVERYTHING. It's wonderful. I'm going to another con in July....it seriously can't come sooner! I am going to have the best prop for sure Wink”

“Thanks for making my sword, I love the colors you used and all the detail added. It's a beautiful recreation and will look wonderful with my cosplay. Thanks again for the excellent work! -^-^- ”

“It came...AND I FREAKING LOVE IT! Its super smooth and the gloss looks amazing! I would like again thank you for the 1,000,000th time; thanks again for doing this.”

“I'm impressed with your craftsmanship!”

“I like it a lot and it's awesome how well it turned out when you had very little to go off of. XD Thank you! :D

“If I do decide another character, I'll be contacting you first. Thanks again and later!”

“Ha ha! Yeah, I absolutely love it. It's been holding up so well. Been treating it kindly as well. Funny story, at Katsucon I was talking to FEV and she recognized your work right away. She said she absolutely loved it. Either way, thanks again, its great work. I might bother yah again soon in case I need some props! You're my go to guy since I am confident in your skills.”

“Boss. Thank you, SO much!”

“Super nice throughout the whole thing. He asked for my input on the Keyblade I commissioned and it turned out beautifully! I would definitely ask to to do another one!”

“ Your props are amazing.”

“I must say, that this is one of the smoothest transactions I have ever dealt with. I ordered a WTD Keyblade, and paid in an agreeable fashion, and BusterCleveland Delivered! And timely, too! Very positive attitude and very understanding. I recommend this seller for all your prop needs. When I lost a part of it, he even offered to make a new one as a gift. The Best.”

“This was my first commission from an independent seller so I was a teeny bit wary. All my fears really just vanished. He was really nice and referred me to his blog where production shots of the keyblade where updated throughout the time that he was working on it.”

“Final Grade: A+++ Would definitely recommend him.”

“Great to work with!”

“OMG *-* It looks so amazing!”

“He gives you an up-to-date report on how your project is going.”

“His work is nothing below FABULOUS. Every detail is spot on ”

“I am insanely happy with the work he's done on my prop, and I would not hesitate to go to him for future projects.”

“This is the BEST keyblade I have ever seen.”

“A+ rating ^^”

“If you want an AMAZING prop worth your money, this is your guy!”

“He was always very fast and patient in responding to my (numerous) emails and attentive to the details I wanted. He updated his blog quite frequently with progress shots, so I basically saw every step along the way, which was really great.”

“Very detail-oriented.”

“I received both keyblades quickly, and they are stunning. They fit my grip perfectly and look absolutely amazing. The paint work is absolutely perfect. He put so much time and care into working on them, and it really shows. He is truly talented. Seriously, if you need a Keyblade (or any prop, really) and are willing to pay, he is your guy!”

“Working with him was a pleasure. He was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire process and he obviously works really hard to ensure his customer's satisfaction. He has a great sense for detail and his work is superb. The Keyblades are perfectly sized and are honestly the best I've seen anywhere - they look like they could've come straight out of the games. His communication was great throughout the whole process and his progress blog is a real bonus - I love being able to follow every step with his frequent updates. He is a great commissioner, and I would definitely go back to him in the future should I need another prop.

Final Grade: A+

“OMG, marry me and make hot, passionate... props for me Wink”

“Incredible, you are exactly the same. You're a genius.”

“So friggin epic xD”

“One word- wow”

“Oh.. my... GOD!!! These are un-freaking-believable!!!”

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