Priston Tale II cosplay accessories tutorial

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Priston Tale II cosplay accessories tutorial

Post by alicehana » Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:09 am

1.Tools and materials

Graver, scissor, EVA, thick unbleached craft, power glue . ... e5908d.jpg

The picture above is a screen break of Korean online game Priston Tale II, and we’re going to make the accessories on the armor. In my experience, there are three materials that can be used to make this prop.

1) Glass fibred reinforced plastic: 100% emulate the real stuff, good effect and quality. But the cost is high, and the material itself is heavy and difficult to deal with.

2) Wood: cost less and good modeling. But need good sculpture skills and the texture is not so persuasive after coloring.

3) EVA: light and simple to use. But bad in shape.

After some comparison, we decide to use EVA. (EVA is also called polymer density foam, and is used to make stuff like the bottom of flip-flop. Of course things mentioned here is something you can purchase in fairs.)

2.Process ... /08/13.jpg

First we analyst this brooch, and draw the general shape on your thick paper—-any sheet that is thick will be ok. ... /08/32.jpg

Cut the drawn model off, and make it together to see the final result.Appropriately adjust the article according to what you need, for example, to bolster the effect on stage or to lower the difficulties in making the prop. ... /08/42.jpg

Sketch the outline on EVA to make sure you cut it right. ... /08/51.jpg

I choose EVA 5mm thick, and to make it better and seem more authentic, I slanted cut the material. ... /08/61.jpg

Apply some super glue on the incline, and wait until it dry. ... /08/72.jpg

Attach every part. ... /08/81.jpg

Apply a layer of emulsion on the semifinished to make it smooth and quality. ... /08/92.jpg

Remember to spray some black paint to make the basement, then started to paint the color. ... 08/101.jpg

The finished product may seem a little different from the picture, that’s because I intentionally draw the cross and circles larger to bolster the stage effect.

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Re: Priston Tale II cosplay accessories tutorial

Post by waynekaa » Wed Aug 04, 2010 6:02 pm

useful! Thank you!
Wayne of AGSMA

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