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12/17/14 - Casting Call for SAO Cosplayers at Sakuracon!
Our first casting call for the 2015 convention season is for Sword Art Online Cosplayers for Sakura-Con 2015! This year, we are targeting ALO and GGO costumes from Season 2 with priority.
Sign up today!

Limited to ACParadise cosplayers only with uploaded photos of their costumes on acparadise.com. If you're not on ACP yet, no worries, sign up for an acparadise account today, it's easy!

12/08/14 - 2015 Convention Planning
It's that time of year, make sure you're updating your ACP accounts with planned conventions for 2015, and watching our Facebook Events page: https://www.facebook.com/acosplayparadise/events

Be sure to tell your friends that may be interested to update!

12/01/14 - Combat Radio Charity with Santa this weekend!
The @combatradio Breakfast with Santa Charity will happen on 12/7/14, this weekend! https://www.facebook.com/events/228777200626801/
Hope you got all your good will ready to help give these less fortunate children a holiday to remember!
ACP Cosplayers will be on hand to assist with the charity!

Don't worry if you don't live nearby or were unable to contribute this year, you are still more than welcome to help out by donating to this link!

December 26, 2014
December 25, 2014