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04/16/14 - Kill la Kill at Sakuracon 2014!
The Official Kill la Kill Cosplay gathering at the Sakuracon 2014 takes place on, Friday 4:00 – 5:00 PM ! The Aniplex USA booth is located in the Exhibition Hall #335, 234, 333, 232. Bring your cosplay and your camera and be sure to participate in the fun events we will have there!

04/01/14 - New site available for beta testing, American Cosplay Backer
Come help us test out our new sub-site, American Cosplay Backer!

American Cosplay Backer - Because why pay for your hobby when you can get your fans to do it for you?

We here at American Cosplay Backer are here to help - by connecting fantastic cosplayers with the fans that would make their dreams come true. Cosplayers, ever wanted to make your dream costume, the one that would require authentic materials costing thousands of dollars? Photographers, have the PERFECT photoshoot in mind that happens to involve travelling halfway around the world? Through our site, find people that share in your dream, and with their combined efforts, make it happen!

02/28/14 - A Look Back at K Project Day!
K Project fans, make sure to get your hands on the Limited Edition K Box set from @VizMedia. If you participated as a cosplayer or attendee at our Anime Expo® K Event, then you might find yourself in the bonus extras, so make sure to buy right now, especially those of you who like Kaname. For a snipped of the Anime Expo K action, view our gallery! http://www.acparadise.com/ace/events.ph ... 1&t=photos

Complete Limited Edition available now from @VizMedia! http://bit.ly/1bMNNrN Gets yours while supplies last!