TAKII WT ~Summer Celebration 2010~ (Summer 2010) (PA)

(New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, etc)
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TAKII WT ~Summer Celebration 2010~ (Summer 2010) (PA)

Post by D-chan ^_* » Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:39 pm

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Don't Be Tardy For The Party: TAKII Kicks Off Its "Summer Celebration 2010" World Tour July 17th!!!!

ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE URL: http://amen.pdnmz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=36

July 12th, 2010 -- Upper Darby, PA -- The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational has been anxious & is excited to announce the debut of its World Tour's "Summer Celebration 2010" summer party series! Announced at the conclusion of TAKII 9 ~Yume Ga Kanau~, the TAKII World Tour ~Summer Celebration 2010~ consists of multiple stops, all personifying the essence & spirit of "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival" as enjoyed by TAKII faithful, minus the 6 month wait for another season itself. Choosing the venues for the inaugural outing of the TAKII World Tour ~Summer Celebration 2010~ & the exact festivities was a challenge, as many ideas & possibilities were considered. However, when all was said & done, 3 venues (& specific TAKII-style themes to go with each) were selected, with the 1st stop on this Tour coming by way of "Gaming Tourney Take-Over" on July 17th, 2010!!!!

TAKII World Tour ~Summer Celebration 2010: Gaming Tourney Take-Over~
July 17th, 2010 @ 10:00am - 8:00pm
Gamer Doc @ 1001 Baltimore Pk., Springfield, PA 19064

HISTORIC ARCHIVES: If you are unfamiliar with the TAKII World Tour, or want to know how you can share your memories of our "Gaming Tourney Take-Over" for the world to see, then check out the Tour's "Historic Archives" page ASAP: http://takii.pdnmz.com/historic-archive ... chive.html

REGISTRATION: No pre-registration is necessary for this stop on the TAKII World Tour. It's completely FREE to enter Gamer Doc & experience gaming retail & tourney action as a standard attendee. However, if you wish to participate in any of the day's tournaments, you will need to purchase a $10.00 Tourney Pass (available at the main kiosk of Gamer Doc). The purchase of a Tourney Pass includes unlimited tournament entries, the ability to chow down (gamer style, compliments from our Team TAKII Coalition Sponsors at Genaurdis), & discounts on your pre-registration for TAKII 10 ~Family Reunion~!

FESTIVITIES: Throughout the day, 8-10 gaming tourneys will be played. In each tourney, entrants will have the opportunity to earn a multitude of points (determined by stipulations such as victory placement, time of day, & TAKII's choice). By the time "Gaming Tourney Take-Over" ends at 8:00pm, everyone's scores will be tallied & the people to earn the top 3 scores will receive 1of he following prizes: 1st Place = $100.00 gift certificate to PDNMZ Shoppe X-Perience + $30.00 in cash + 3 FREE #1 Contender's Passes for TAKII 10, 2nd Place = $50.00 gift certificate to PDNMZ Shoppe X-Perience + $20.00 in case + 2 FREE #1 Contender's Passes for TAKII 10, & 3rd Place = $25.00 gift certificate to PDNMZ Shoppe X-Perience + $10.00 in cash & 1 FREE #1 Contender's Pass for TAKII 10.

The games to be made playable for this celebration will include: Nintendo Wii = Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii + Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree + Bomberman Land + Tatsunoko VS Capcom, Sony Playstation 3 = Super Street Fighter 4 + BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Microsoft XBox 360 = WWE SmackDown! VS Raw 2010 + Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, Nintendo GameCube = Zatch Bell: Mamodo Fury + 1 Piece: Grand Battle + Naruto: Clash Of Ninja 2, & some very special old-school gaming surprises! Most tournaments will be played standard bracket style, with winners only advancing. If you have been to a season of TAKII in the past, however, you know there absolutely be some kind of extreme-style stipulations to throw in (^_*). Complete & official tourney rules will only be made available at 10:00am on July 17th, 2010 (when doors open at Gamer Doc, with the tourneys scheduled to begin at 11:00am).

For those of you who will be doing things other than playing for gaming glory, we will have "Gaming Free Play" available at Gamer Doc all throughout the day, showcasing some of TAKII's latest & greatest gaming acquisitions! Also, the "TLO Vid Lounge" will be featuring randomly awesome Asian music videos & Anime nuggets of awesomeness for everyone to enjoy!! That's not all, as our friends at Gamer Doc will be treating everyone to an awesome gaming retail experience that is envied by like-minded organizations industry-wide!! It is safe to say, there will be something for everyone on this stop of the TAKII World Tour!!!!

GUESTS & PERFORMERS: Our "Returning Legends" will include your truly, D-chan, as well as TAKII 9 "Brand New Debut", Sinh Synthetik. Our "Charity Beneficary", which whom will benefit from a portion of the funds raised from this celebration, will be Upper Darby Township Library System of Upper Darby, PA. Of course, there could be no other greater guests than YOU, the TAKII faithful!!!!

LOCALE & DIRECTIONS: For those of you who will be driving to the event, or using public transportation, you will be glad to know that Gamer Doc (the venue for this stop on the TAKII World Tour) is easy enough to get to. Also, hotels are aplenty in the area. So, just use TAKII's very own "Locale & Directions" page for any of your traveling needs: http://takii.pdnmz.com/locale-directions.html

RULES & REGULATIONS: Given that this is a function as produced by The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational, all of its rules & regulations are in full-effect at all times; enough said (lol). In case you need a refresher, here they are: http://takii.pdnmz.com/rules-regulations.html

INTERACTION: Staying in touch with all of you, the TAKII faithful, has always been an integral part of The Asian Karaoke Idol's success. And with our newly-minted TAKII World Tour tradition, the "Summer Celebration" series, it becomes all the most important. In the "Interaction" section of the official TAKII website, you can check out future dates of stops on the TAKII World Tour, become a Team TAKII Coalition Member, view current press releases, help us promote TAKII on "teh Interwebs" (lol), & SO MUCH MORE! The only way to find out how you can make these & other dreams come true is to visit our "Interaction" section RIGHT NOW: http://takii.pdnmz.com/interaction.html

In closing, Team TAKII Coordinators hope that everyone celebrates their summer vacations in epic otaku style by catching this & our other stops on the TAKII World Tour ~Summer Celebration 2010~ festival series!! For the World Tour's inaugural summer bash, everyone's wait is finally over & the fun has finally begun (^_^). AAAAND FINALLY, as always, make sure to visit the official TAKII website for the latest & greatest info on when the TAKII World Tour will be coming to a location near you, plus soon-to-be-made-official info about our biggest & best season of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational yet, TAKII 10!!!!

Team TAKII PR Coalition
TAKII -- http://takii.pdnmz.com
TAKII World Tour -- http://takii.pdnmz.com/interaction/taki ... -tour.html
TAKII: Paparazzi Press Room -- http://takii.pdnmz.com/interaction/papa ... -room.html
TAKII Forum -- http://amen.pdnmz.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=4

Established in February 2006, The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational is the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival, featuring 2 main seasons & numerous other co-branded events & performances throughout each year. With maverick innovations such as Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network (AMEN, it's 24/7, Asian fan/otaku-centric online broadcasting & social network), it entertains, inspires, & enriches the lives of its fans worldwide on a continuous basis.

For our fusion festival fans, the TAKII World Tour has become a way for them to connect to The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational at a like-minded event that is closer to them, being able to trade infamous stories of TAKII lore with their passionate compatriots. For organizers of similar festivals & conventions, it's a chance for them to partner with the most dynamic force in this genre of Asian-themed entertainment & add that missing element of "the extreme" for their own attendees to enjoy. Touring since November 2006, the TAKII World Tour has universally rocked the foundation of Asian culture fandom & continues to do so all-throughout the year & many more to come!

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