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AC Plaza Open Again!

Post by Genjitsu » Sun Mar 26, 2006 10:25 pm

Ok first off, I apologize to all our vendors on AC Plaza for the downtime, but it's back up now. A couple things:

1) Items now have a category - Costumes, Accessories, or Wigs. Please categorize all your items, so that they'll be easier to see on your page!

2) Items aren't integrated with the search engine yet, but they will be by tomorrow.

3) While I'm working on this stuff, if you've thought of anything, I mean ANYTHING that can make the ACP Plaza a better experience for you, SEND ME A PM! We are definitely open to suggestions for this section.

4) Lastly, the AC Plaza main page is open to advertisers - that is, if you run a small shop or whatnot, you can have a banner shown on that page. This is a pretty sure way to attract potential customers, seeing as how if they're visiting the AC Plaza, they probably want to buy stuff. Send me a PM or email if you're interested, we'll offer flexible rates for this section.

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