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New Features + Compatibility Issues

Post by Genjitsu » Thu Mar 02, 2006 9:40 pm

First off, some of you have told me there are problems with seeing the page in Firefox. It may be the new CSS stuff I'm using, but it looks perfectly fine for me in Firefox 1.5 - I'm going to take another look at it and see what might be the problem. I also know that comments are down - I'm trying to figure out the best way to enable comments for everybody, so that'll come back up along with AC Plaza.

Here are some other new features we've added:

Favorite Series
Just like favorite Cosplayers, you now have the ability to add Series to your Favorites list. So if you have Final Fantasy X-2 in your list, you will get an e-mail notification every time a cosplayer submits a costume from that series. I'm still in the middle of fine-tuning it, because if we get a lot of a certain costume, we either process them all, and have bunch of e-mails sent out, or spread the updates more evenly. Another solution would be a digest-style email, perhaps sent once a day showing all the updates from that series.

Journal/Condensed Views
We've added an extra way to view your Favorites List - Condensed and Journal views. Condensed is the one you're all familiar with - it'll show the most recent costume for every cosplayer and series in your favorites list. The journal view takes a more blog style format, showing 2 pictures and any details entered about a costume from a cosplayer or series in your Favorites list.

Basically a section where you can put anything you want - a free pic section. They won't show up in the series database or in costume searches - it's just a simple photo upload section. Use it for reference pictures, costumes-in-progress, or even pictures of your super-fat cat.

Deleting Costumes/Pictures
I know a few of you have been asking for a feature like this, so it's there - you can now delete pictures and costumes without having to ask us. [/list]

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