Pony Canyon Events at Anime Expo 2015

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Pony Canyon Events at Anime Expo 2015

Post by waynekaa » Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:02 pm

Sound Euphonium
Pony Canyon will be showcasing Euphonium by bringing one of the producers and the voice of Kumiko to Anime Expo, so we'll have cosplayers from the series ready for them!
Our Euphonium cosplayers will be wandering around the exhibit hall ready to give gifts to people, so find them by looking for the band uniforms! You can also find them at the Tomoyo Kurosawa panel Friday 2:30 PM at LACC 411

Yuki Yuna is a Hero
Pony Canyon is continuing to celebrate Yuki Yuna in the US, so we need the Hero Club to assemble again for Anime Expo 2015! They will be escorting the music producer for the Yuki Yuna series.
Our Yuki Yuna cosplayers will be wandering the exhibit hall ready to give presents to people, so be on the lookout! You can also find them all at the Yuki Yuna panel on Saturday 11:30 AM at LACC 411.

Pony Canyon USA will have two of our cosplayers from Etotama to escort Yumiri Hanamori, Uri-tan's voice actress at Anime Expo, and help at their booth.
You'll find our cosplayers at the Yumiri Hanamori panel on Thursday 12:15 PM at LACC 411. After that, they will be running a swag table at the Pony Canyon booth, so stop by to pick up some free stuff (and maybe give them some Sol Lull in return!)
Wayne of AGSMA

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