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Cosplay Videos
The following videos from our Convention Coverage have been linked to this series. You can narrow the list by clicking on a specific Convention to your right.

Skit (Rating: 5 / 5.00)
#13 Minna no Nur-puppy
4832 views, 29 comments [High Res] [Youtube]
Cosplayer(s): Nagi , Naruto Uzumaki , Tess
Convention: FanimeCon 2008

Awards: Best Group Performance

Skit (Rating: 5 / 5.00)
3527 views, 7 comments [High Res] [Youtube]
Series: Baccano!
Convention: Otakon 2009

Skit (Rating: 3.67 / 5.00)
Animosity Cosplay #S05
2031 views, 5 comments [High Res] [Youtube]
Series: Baccano!
Cosplayer(s): KoriStarfire , navigated
Convention: Anime Central 2008

Skit (Rating: 0 / 5.00)
S34 Hetalite Cosplay
855 views, 0 comments [High Res] [Youtube]
Series: Baccano!
Convention: FanimeCon 2010

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