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I'm Nami, aka NekoNami Cosplay. I'm a NYC based cosplayer and full time university student. I make my cosplays between classes and work in a city that won't sell me spray paint or box cutters until I turn 21. Most of my cosplay work is done out of a tiny SoHo apartment where I spray paint on a fire escape and expose my roommate to many hazardous fumes (not limited to various spray paints, glues, and the occasional fire). In my limited spare time, I study Biology, Creative Writing, and Japanese, read a lot, write fanfiction, nap, play excessive amounts of League of Legends, and curse my snail-paced wifi.

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NekoNami Cosplay says, "Thank you so much! :)"
For Nui Harime from Kill la Kill
Terranell says, "I'm in love with your wig, what an impressive job!"
For Nui Harime from Kill la Kill