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The name's Liz, Leaping Liz. ;) Come join me on my cosplay adventure!

I've been cosplaying, gaming, and drawing for a long time, and now that I am finally feeling confident in my skills, I'm here to share them with you.

I have finally decided to take my cosplay and other hobbies more seriously. I also want to get my body in tip top shape, because prior to this I spent at least 3-4 weeks a year in and out of hospitals.

This page is also meant to keep my hobbies separate from my professional life.

A side note about myself: I love making friends and I am eager to learn more! Please feel free to get in touch. :D

I'm currently working on filling in my blog at http://leapinglizardcosplay.wordpress.com/ here I will be talking about pretty much everything cosplay related. Tutorials from sewing to armours to wigs, fitness information, nutrition, photography, photo editing, you name it. :D Please message me to let me know what you would like to see in the future. :D

Feel free to get in touch at LeapingLizardCosplay@gmail.com

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