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Why hello (; It's nice to meet you~!

I go by the alias xWhisper and I'm a ninja (o/ .. -trips and faceplants ground- ... kay, I'm just human T^T Anyways, I like food, sleep, cosplay, people, and cute things!

In my non-existent free time, I cosplay! I sew/make the majority of my cosplays and I'm very ambitious yetlazyatthesametimesob! So hopefully, all of this years cosplays turns out well XD

Well, see you around, and feel free to message me or leave a comment if you want to chat >o

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imariyumiki says, "Cuuute!!! Hope you do her again!"
For Meredy from Fairy Tail
yuna-kallen-rinoa says, "beautiful "
For Lilligant from Pokemon
Siguusa says, "Bro you are so hot"
For Ren Kouha from Magi Labyrinth of Magic
Moosey_Fate13 says, "I want more of you. ;u;"
For Ren Kouha from Magi Labyrinth of Magic