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Suspiciously Canadian.
Fine appreciation for Unicorn paintings.
Pros: I'm tall.
Cons: That's my only pro.

First started cosplaying at Dragon*Con 2011 and it's been a downward spiral ever since.

I suck at writing introductions.

Next Convention Appearance: Otakon 2014

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Eleksin says, "Whaaaaaat you mean my Bouken Sinbad at Acen was also this amazing TOP?! What witchcraft is this? I couldn't even tell at all when I stopped you for a picture. Keep being amazing pls."
For T.O.P from Big Bang
faecakes says, "aaah~ so you were the Sinbad no Bouken cosplayer I saw. -quietly fangirled in the distance at the Funimation booth-"
For Sinbad from Magi Labyrinth of Magic
sonteen12 says, "DAT WIG"
For Seishirou Kirishiki from Shiki
sonteen12 says, "Omg TOP! Looking good. Hope to see this at Acen. :)"
For T.O.P from Big Bang
Lunatique says, "this wig is perfect :D"
For Seishirou Kirishiki from Shiki