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I learned how to sew in 2011 and I haven't stopped crafting since. I'm always experimenting with things and trying out new techniques. This year I decided to challenge myself and try my hand at making things out of thermoplastics. (They are going to look really funny at first. Totally Ok.)

So feel free to bug me with questions if you need tutorials, advice or resources. I won't bite (my tumblr is my work in progress journal.)

Cosplay is such an inspiring artform. It gives me a place to belong, somewhere to learn new things and share the fandoms with others. There is nothing that makes me more proud than leaving others with a happy memory.

I'm not an elitist. Cosplay is about having fun and making friends no matter if it's homemade or store bought. So let's have fun together!

Hobbies: photography, papercrafting, anime, manga, baking, sewing, fabricating, cosplay, swimming, rollerblading, bicycling, detailing cars, wrenching on cars, hpde/touge... SQUIRREL!!

I'm 5'1", 50% Japanese, 50% Chinese.

2014 Events:
- Anime Matsuri(TX)
- Wondercon(Sat only)
- Anime Expo
- Pacific Media Expo

Next Convention Appearance: Anime Expo 2014

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