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I should probably update this more .... but hey I am Sid I am a huge nerd that loves to play dress up

Next Convention Appearance: Anime Central 2015

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anna-neko says, "goodness, such neat ruffles all around ~♥"
For Ruby from RWBY
sidero says, "Thank you very much and it was very nice meeting you <3 Its my plan to do all of Ryan's characters/personalities! But I will be sure to pass on the praise to my Ray!"
For Ryan Haywood from Achievement Hunter
SecondaryHal says, "Hello! Wow I never expected to see you again! I was the Bro Strider who came up to you at Daisho Con in Wisconson and did the No Breaks thing. I was doing a random google search for Ryan cosplay and jut there you were! It was good to meet you at the con even if we didn't talk much. You do an awesome Ryan and your friend dose a fantastic Ray! "
For Ryan Haywood from Achievement Hunter
sidero says, "Thank you!! It took about 2.5 weeks of working every spare minute I could on the embroidery alone."
For Tsuruhime from Sengoku Basara 3
JadeKat says, "Adorable! I am impressed you embroidered on the vinyl for the vest! It must have taken forever!"
For Tsuruhime from Sengoku Basara 3