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hi hi! ^.^ yay for short cosplayers!!! *stands tall at 4'11"*

I love cosplay and I've been doing it since 1999... o_o has it really been that long? My favorite costumes are strong magical girls, but in reality I love cute, creepy things, and clowns. My gaming console choices are Nintendo 3DS and XBox!

I was a part of the USA Musume cosplay troupe!

Next Convention Appearance: Anime Expo 2015

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cherryteagirl says, "Very cute Madoka!! ^^"
For Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica
Mirai Noah says, "Yay for H!P cosplay! Looks awesome!"
For Haruna Iikubo from Morning Musume
Pica says, "You make a super cute Silica!!! Hope to have everyone together again! >w"
For Silica from Sword Art Online
usagikou says, "i think i love this. lol"
For Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon Crystal
hichan says, "Thanks! I actually just used Sculpey clay from Joanns, rolled it about 1/8" (or more) flat, used tools to cut and designed what I thought it looked like. Then I baked it (with the clasp pressed in. After it cooled, I markered the outlines and covered with gloss =) I wish I put hidden holes in it so I could have sewn it into the costume (like a button), but all in retrospect ^^; instead it's glued onto the costume."
For Anna from Frozen