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Terranell says, "More pictures, please! <3 I love you as San. I mean, I love you as any cosplay you do but this one is very special, I think."
For San from Princess Mononoke
Envel says, "Sparkle Pipsi made all of our bows! She has a tutorial that includes patterns so you can make them in this style if you like! :D http://sparklepipsi.deviantart.com/art/Sailor-Bows-Tutorial-and-Patterns-458987866"
For Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
Kimmy says, "So good!!! I love how clean the sailor fuku turned out, and as weird as it probably sounds, I really like the shape of the bow you managed to get!"
For Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
Havenaims says, "you are adorable *0* this came out so great!"
For Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
lunaladyoflight says, "<333 LOVE IT"
For Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon