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Thank you so much to whoever gifted me Celestial status! ♥

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cifera says, "whoa, i'm so amazed you noticed! i thought i made it a little too subtle. thanks so much!! <3"
For Elsa from Frozen
khainsaw says, "I really like the ombre dye you did on your undershirt!"
For Elsa from Frozen
Kazulian says, "The amount of detail you put into your costumes is astounding, and I have to say it makes you my favorite cosplayer! May I ask you how you made Junko's blazer/shirt? The fabric looks very soft. Anyways, you look beautiful, Gabrielle! As always, your skill as a cosplayer inspires an amateur like me. :3"
For Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa
cifera says, "aw! thank you so much!"
For Ren from DRAMAtical Murder
celsius says, "I just got finished watching the last episode and I just want to say how perfect this is!"
For Ren from DRAMAtical Murder