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Ever since I was a child I enjoyed dressing up. I had grand dreams of being fancy and elegant and Awesome. So when in 2005 I discovered that there was a whole group of people who made crazy costumes to wear in public I made it a goal to join their masses.

Outside of cosplay I like to read, play video games and table top roleplay. Mmmhmm. Super nerd in the hizzy. Also, Wine Wednesday. Yeah son.

So, now that I'm a real life cosplayer, my new life goal is to become Dr. Who.

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Hitori says, "Oh wow, you did an incredible job with this costume"
For Kanoe from X/1999
uheartcc says, "oh no! my secrets! But in all serious thanks!"
For Edel from Princess Tutu
uheartcc says, "Thank you!"
For Edel from Princess Tutu
Hime no Toki says, "These costumes make me so happy! Love them, especially the WIG! "
For Edel from Princess Tutu
Kichara says, "This is just one of those costumes that blows my mind! DAT WIG. I'd not even sure HOW you managed to put that together, other than that you are some sort of hair sorcerer. :P"
For Edel from Princess Tutu