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Grew up in Alabama, now a Software Engineer in San Diego, California. I'm an amateur artist, mythology buff, cosplayer, and a general purpose geek fangirl.

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twinklebat says, "Eee, Clef came out so good!!!"
For Master Mage Clef from Magic Knights Rayearth
Kichara says, "OMG Great Zel! <3"
For Zelgadiss Graywords from Slayers
SSPrincess says, "Awwww! You have the puppy with wings! So cute! =D"
For Saki Morimi from Eden of the East
ElfGrove says, "Sure thing! :)"
For Luca Angeloni from Macross Frontier
Miss Meru says, "bring it to D*C :)"
For Luca Angeloni from Macross Frontier