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Hi everyone, This is Amy aka Maryslittlelamb. I attend University of Miami as a Pre-Med student because I'm just a smarty pants like that. I really don't have a lot of time to cosplay because of school but I love cosplaying with Dandelionswish even though we fight a lot because she's a brat. Haha, J/k. Not :P

And a huge Thank you to SeekingElegance for upgrading my account :) (

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Shii Arisugawa says, "What a beautiful design! You look so pretty! :3"
For Chihiro from Original Design
Kairi G says, "The jacket turned out great!!! :D"
For Hitomi Kanzaki from Vision of Escaflowne
SeekingElegance says, "My favorite cosplay duo! You both look amazing. I really like that hair style on you! "
For Vanilla Mieux / Aisu Vanilla from Sugar Sugar Rune
Hello Batty says, "ooo is that the Japanese Garden?! It's so beautiful there!"
For Chihiro from Original Design
windofthestars says, "It's very very rare to see Kaleido Star costumes, let alone amazing ones. I love the two of you for doing these. You both look incredible!"
For Layla Hamilton from Kaleido Star