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I have been cosplaying since 2008 and I am currently in school and majoring in costume design/construction. Thank-you for checking out my profile!

Next Convention Appearance: Sakura-con 2015

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VintageAerith says, "Omg, you look perfect!! I really love the colors you picked, also your wig is precious ;u;"
For Anna from Frozen
shannon_panda says, "aww thank-you! I love your elsa/zelda cosplays!"
For Anna from Frozen
kaerii says, "you did SUCH an amazing job on this! it looks like it took a lot of time!"
For Anna from Frozen
anijess3 says, "Such a cute photo! Way to go!"
For Ai Shindou from Kyoukai no Kanata
maryssa says, "Oooooh this is great *_*"
For Nonon Jakuzure from Kill la Kill