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Longtime costumer, started hitting up FL cons in 2007 and moved to CA in 2012! I tend to choose weird/obscure costumes. I work in the sciences, so making costumes feeds the creative half of my brain and keeps me sane in the crazy mad world of academia.

Next Convention Appearance: Dragon*Con 2014

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Ali says, "Loved your work on this! It was awesome seeing it both onstage and up close at Fanime!"
For Scarlet Claw from Cutey Honey
anna-neko says, "wow, amazing amount of details going on here..."
For Marie Antoinette from Rose of Versailles
Hooded Woman says, "Yes!!! Such a perfect Alice!! "
For Alice from Superjail!
Foos says, "YAAAAAY! I LOVE IT! Adorable outfit and the plush meat is so cute!"
For Bistro Armor from Monster Hunter
otakukitten says, "HAHA! Yea, I need to bring Iroha back out. =3"
For Cabbage Guy from Avatar: The Last Airbender