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I like to derp around in armor during my free time. I'm sure one day, I'll grow old and find a more stuffy, appropriate hobby, but until shuffleboard or stamp-collecting sounds appealing, I'll keep doing this to kill a few weekends a year.

Unfortunately, I don't do much in the way of photoshoots. I hate the tedious process and squirm like a three-year old who would much rather be playing, so my cosplay profiles always end up being a bunch of candid hallway shots, which is fine by me :3

I am waaaaaaay too lazy to upload all my costumes, so my older (embarrassing) stuff is still on my cosplay.com acount http://www.cosplay.com/member/46125/

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kapalaka says, "HAHAHHAHAHA I love the personal thoughts. Faith this is so awesome!!! So this is what your chainmail was for. I want to cosplay a burly man now damn it! ;_; Soooooo now that you're back into making costumes...."
For Farin from Lord of the Rings
kapalaka says, "WINNAAARRRRR!!!!!! :D Amazing job and well deserved! Dem scales, seriously!"
For Rathian Armor from Monster Hunter
kapalaka says, "Oh ho ho, what are you doing alone in these woods fair maiden? You know I'm pretty good at sweeping mahself. How's about I... SWEEP you off your feets? OH HO HO HO HO!"
For Plum Kitaki from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
kapalaka says, "You look lovely in this kimono!!! <3 *_* I love these colors on you, I can't believe I missed this at AFO. :("
For Plum Kitaki from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
kapalaka says, "You look so amazing in this. When is the next time you are wearing it? I'd love to see it in person!"
For Queen Brahne from Final Fantasy IX