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Been making costumes of various shapes and sizes for over 10 years now. I've technically made 50+ costumes but I'm too lazy/busy to put them all up here, so the rest can be viewed on my cos.com account or deviantart~

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Varnani says, "awww yeaaaah gurrrrl"
For Sorceress from Dragon's Crown
Arlette says, "Ahhh! Beautiful, great job!"
For Red Riding Hood from Once Upon a Time
RaeRaeGCK says, "Hey, just wondering how you got started on the costume. I've never made my own costume before… or even actually cosplayed before… My cousin in having a villain/anti-hero/ine party and I REALLY want to go as Red SheHulk!!"
For Red She-Hulk / Betty Ross from Marvel Comics
POOTERS says, "nice job! You inspired me to cosplay Amethyst Ashe as well. http://www.acparadise.com/ace/display.php?c=71698"
For Ashe from League of Legends
POOTERS says, "Nice job! I'm also working on an Amethyst Ashe cosplay(crossplay)."
For Ashe from League of Legends