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Originally from Michigan I lived in Japan for 2 years and taught English. Now I live in Indiana and plan to go to grad school.

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Fire Lily says, "You are so lovely in this costume!! You gushed over my Umi at Katsu, and I just love all of your Sakura costumes!!"
For Sakura from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Terranell says, "I remember seeing this dress at Youmacon, congratulations on the award! Very beautiful work."
For Princess Venus from Sailor Moon
avianna says, "You should bring this costume to Ohayocon so that we can get some good shots done in them. Especially since I've completely revamped it since May. Hat, suspenders, character styled wig/color, period shoes, altered suit... the whole nine yards!"
For Ennis from Baccano!
VocalCannibal says, "Oh wow, looks great! The wig is awesome. D:<3"
For Ennis from Baccano!
HaganeHakushaku says, "lovelovelove MVS! and you do it so well :)"
For Marianna from Original: Science Fiction