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"If it doesn't hurt, you're doing it wrong."

I'm an international cosplayer who loves spending ungodly amounts of time researching history and travel, and doing generally nerdy things. Cosplay emerged as a hobby for me several years ago, and every year, every costume, every convention is a new opportunity to refine a new technique and meet new friends. I love RPG's, books, debate, hot springs, and most winter sports. If you like any of the above, we'll get along just fine!

Next Convention Appearance: Dragon*Con 2015

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yuna-kallen-rinoa says, "beautiful!! "
For Poison Ivy from DC Comics
hildechan says, "yeeahhhh"
For Unknown from Tekken Tag Tournament 2
etaru says, "Thanks sweetie! I need more photos of it next time, it's got so many rhinestones. DAT IVY SWAG"
For Poison Ivy from DC Comics
yunie-chan says, "Loooove that hair accessory! Gorgeous work!"
For Poison Ivy from DC Comics
etaru says, "Thank you!! I'll need to get more photos with the jetpack because I gurgle with happiness at wearing it *_*"
For Alisa Bosconovich from Tekken Tag Tournament 2