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Hello, Miri here. When I'm not lost in cornfields, I'm making costumes. :)

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avianna says, "This is my favorite picture! I love it so much! <3"
For Bookworm from Silent Hill: Book of Memories
akaihime says, "Adorable~! "
For Quatre Raberba Winner from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
akaihime says, "so much love right now!"
For Jessica from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
avianna says, "Sooooooo Pretty :D <3"
For Applejack from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Celeste0021 says, "Oh it's so cute! How did you make him? Or is there a way I could commission you to do one for me?"
For Nall from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete