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Hi! Mijikai here, but I sometimes go as Turkey Sub ^_^ When I was in High School I kidded around with Cosplay a bit and was Yuna from FFX, and Tails from the Sonic Series. (I actually got 2 other guys to dress up as sonic and knuckels) ^_^ When I went to college, I stumbled upon a group of friends who were hard core cosplayers!

This summer at Otakon I am group cosplaying as Go-go from Kill Bill (we currently have the Bride, and O-ren Ishii too. Wanna go as Elle Driver?)

Ive also been asked to go as Disney Princess Mulan Thursday or Sunday, but making a Han-fu might be past my skills O.o (I think Jasmine, Kari, Belle, and Maybe Aurora have been taken)

Hum, I really want to cosplay with my B/F now, Ive been thinking Goku and Chi-chi (thats the only anime hes seen I know I know, bad Mijikai!) or maybe wed do a Bleach cosplay. Id go as Yachiru Kusajishi (pink haired little girl) and hed go as Kenpachi Zaraki (bells!)

Heh, other costumes I keep putting off but Id love to go as...

Dr. Girl Friend, Venture Brothers
Jean, Lunar 2
Mei Lin, Card Captor Sakura (with my friend who's Sakura!)
Belly Dancing Chii, Chobbits
Flonne or Etna, Disgaea Series
**Chun Li, Street Fighter Series (note she needs to get redone, badly!)
* Hazuki, Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase- (I have 90% of her done! Woot!)

**Subject Change** um... I'm currently a Senior in Biological Engineering @ Penn State University (Go Nittany Lions), minor-ing in Chinese and Biomedical Engineering? Maybe? I instruct Belly Dancing for the Penn State Belly Dance club. If you ever need a GLOMP and are in the area, message me :D

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For Chi / Chii / Elda from Chobits