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I've had many different nicknames, a lot of them relating to my cosplays. I was once Rikku and my friends called me "Ku" for short, then I became a Kuja cosplayer and the name "Ku" still applied and it stuck. ^_- So Ku I am.

I am best known for my Kuja costume. I am often seen walking around with my Dagger or Princess Garnet beside me.

Cosplays I am working on now to be premiered in 2006 are-

Yazoo from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children and
Trance Kuja from Final Fantasy 9.

My non-retired cosplays that I do plan on wearing again are Kuja and Tseng.

Feel free to IM if you wish at IXDarkMessenger.

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Miri says, "Looks pretty good, nice work. :)"
For Kuja from Final Fantasy IX