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Hi! I'm Toastersix aka Virginia. I'm not exactly sure what to say here, but I've been cosplaying since 2002 and I love meeting new folks. I use this hobby as a creative outlet and fun side activity and have enjoyed it for many years.

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ichigo_m says, "Beautiful! May I ask where you found your blue wool? (:"
For Anna from Frozen
Sylphy says, "Cute Deedlit! "
For Deedlit from Record of Lodoss Wars
neoangelwink says, "very cute^_^"
For Anna from Frozen
Johntk says, "If only goku was in that picture because dbz and sailor moon was the two anime I watch when I was little kid and people talks about the crossover of dbz and sailor moon"
For Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
etaru says, "You're so adorable in this!!"
For Rapunzel from Tangled