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~*~ Eve of the 7 Conventions ~*~

Anime Expo Cosplay staff 2003-2013
AOD Guest Relations/Masquerade 2005-present
Ani-magic Cosplay staff 2004 & 2005
Pacific Media Expo (PMX) Cosplay staff 2008
Yaoi-con helper 2006-2014
Yaoi-con Cosplay Manager 2012-2014
Anime Conji Masquerade helper 2013
Japan Expo USA Masquerade 2013
World Cosplay Summit US National Staff 2014-present
Akihabara Expo GR & Admin 2015

Cosplay Jam! Contributor

Occasional extra photoshoot hand, performance judge, and masquerade consultant.

Next Convention Appearance: Anime Expo 2015

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For L / Ryuuzaki from Death Note
jetspectacular says, "ksdfjbso;dfo;sdu"
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amaryie says, "snazzy salsabums"
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Athel says, "Yessssssssss. "
For Kinjou Shingo from Yowamushi Pedal