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~*~ Eve of the 7 Conventions ~*~

Anime Expo Cosplay staff 2003-2013
AOD Guest Relations/Masquerade 2005-present
Ani-magic Cosplay staff 2004 & 2005
Pacific Media Expo (PMX) Cosplay staff 2008
Yaoi-con helper 2006-present
Yaoi-con Cosplay Manager 2012-present
Anime Conji Masquerade helper 2013
Japan Expo USA Masquerade 2013
World Cosplay Summit US National Staff 2014

Cosplay Jam! Contributor

Occasional extra photoshoot hand, performance judge, and masquerade consultant.

Next Convention Appearance: Saboten-Con 2014

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hildechan says, "CAWKLET"
For Naru-chan from Sailor Moon
saku says, "I can feel the brooklyn accent"
For Naru-chan from Sailor Moon
saku says, "oh my god eve"
For Naru-chan from Sailor Moon
lunaladyoflight says, "This is a gorgeous group! And I love all your blingy jewelry."
For Sinbad from Magi Labyrinth of Magic
haustin says, "UNNNHHHHHHHHH"
For Mikisugi Aikurou from Kill la Kill