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I'm a professional illustrator that enjoys sewing costumes in my spare time. I don't attend that many conventions any more but I looooove to perform on stage! I also have weaknesses for cats, pokemon, shopping, warcraft, and sparkly things.

I don't have any favorite cosplayers listed because I'm one of those people who would list EVERYONE because I feel bad leaving anyone out >.

Next Convention Appearance: Pacific Media Expo 2015

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Ambrosia says, "I totally missed you in this but YO THIS LOOKS AWESOME! *_*"
For Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois from Dog Days
Lady Zelda says, "From what ai remember, the dance commercial Link was played by a girl. :) I think you're a cute Link.rnI'm lesbian, buuut, either way. <3rnrnI'm loving the tights by the way! "
For Link from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Sylphy says, "You make a beautiful Jupiter! And even though green is your least favorite color, I think this shade looks good on you. <3"
For Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon
daydreamernessa says, "you look so perfect!"
For Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon
Patastrophic says, "My favorite Senshi, and oh mercy have you done her well."
For Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon