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Hi Everyone!
I'm Kia, and I've been cosplaying since Anime North 2003 (though I've been dressing up since I was little ... and drooling over costumer's outfits at conventions for years before). I'm a student in Toronto, where I've been turning my love of costumes and props into (hopefully) a university degree. Almost there! I love detailed, often tacky looking costumes a lot (the more outlandish, the more I probably love it), especially stage costumes from my favourite Jpop singer Ayumi Hamasaki. What can I say, I've found my niche. ^_^

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windofthestars says, "Not familiar with this but it looks really cool! Great work. :)"
For Rogue from Ragnarok Online
Terranell says, "That coat is the coolest thing ever! I would be tempted to incorporate it into my every day wardrobe. "
For Rogue from Ragnarok Online
Anaralchemist says, "Where did you get or how did you make this cosplay???"
For Christie from Dead or Alive 4
pockyprincessdarcy says, "This is my favorite Ayumi song! I was so surprised & delighted to see someone cosplay from the video! Beautiful work! The dress is taylored like a dream.I understand why you have a photo in black and white! ^_~"
For Ayumi Hamasaki from Recreation: Celebrity
MissAmiMizuno says, "Great Luna! Kawaii!"
For Luna from Sailor Moon S