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Hi, and welcome to my costume portfolio. My name is Maryann Diana. Next up on the convention schedule is Megacon 2016, for which I am planning to celebrate Fairy Tail, Pokemon 20 in huge groups and whatever else I decide to bring for 4 days. For 2016, I am focusing more on the accessory creation process in addition to costume creation. I am also banned from using Worbla in the house because it makes my place smell like suntan lotion.

My horoscope sign is Scorpio; however I am the most conservative of the 3 kinds of Scorpio. I also enjoy writing fantasy stories in my free time.

For cosplay, I select my favorite women (& occasionally bishy men like Mikaela) to emulate from both anime and video games. I am an extroverted introvert; somewhat shy but comfortable around people I know. I love to meet new people and talk about costume construction and series that I enjoy.

My fandoms include Vampire Knight, Owari no Seraph, Princess Tutu, Haruhi, Vocaloid, Sailor Moon, Fate/Stay Night, DOA, Vampire Knight, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Zelda, Oh My Goddess, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Magic Knight Rayearth, Ceres, Yu-gi-Oh, Pokemon, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, old school rpgs (Ultima, Grandia), MMO: League, WOW, FF14 etc.

IRL, I'm a pre-graduate student, but I love to spend time making new costumes and accessories in my down time.

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