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I started cosplaying in 2002 and my first costume was Tohma from Gravitation (And now you know the reason for my SN, TADA!).

In 2008 I was going through chemotherapy for Hodgekin's Lymphoma. It was a rough time but I made it through with a lot of help from the friends I have made in the anime and cosplay community.

Other interests/hobbies include Horse back riding. My horses were subjected to costume classes before I even know what cosplay was. I also enjoy drawing and writing and taking pictures.

I am currently working as the anime writer for the Charlotte Examiner.

You can find me on facebook as Tohma Cosplay

Thats enough from me! Hope to see everyone at a future con!

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Hime no Toki says, "This is so different for you, totally didn't recognize you at first! But you did a great job and I loved your WCS skit! :)"
For Oerba Dia Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII
zipchan says, "You look so gorgeous as Vanille! "
For Oerba Dia Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII
lauramichelle says, "That coat is awesome! I love the way you put the cord on the coat for the designs."
For Syaoran from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Tohma says, "Its all the same Sakura too XD I surprised her the first year with it. She didn't know I was making it and so she decided to make the matching outfit for the next year."
For Syaoran Li from Card Captor Sakura
omgyaystars says, "hahaha omgosh, I love how many different Sakura outfits you have photos of this with~"
For Syaoran Li from Card Captor Sakura